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Food Safe Level 1 is the official BC food handler’s one day course designed for front line food service workers such as cooks, servers, bussers, bartenders, dishwashers, deli workers, community volunteers and anyone else in the food service and hospitality industries.

Les McIntosh, BSc

The course is taught by Les McIntosh, BSc Food Science. Les is a certified Public Health Inspector with over 25 years experience, and many stories to share. Class setting is informal where you can ask questions, volunteer your own experiences, or just sit back and take in the course.

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FoodSafe Level 1

Monday Mar 23 – Comfort Inn

3020 Blanshard St, Victoria – 9:00 am – 4:30 pm

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4U2 Learn FoodSafe COURSES

Foodsafe Level One is the OFFICIAL BC food handlers program for all staff in the food and hospitality industries.


Food Service Skills in 1 day!

FoodSafe Level 1 provides you with a basic understanding of food safety essentials including receiving, storing, preparing, serving, cleaning, sanitizing, pest control and food-borne illness.

On-demand courses

Contact 4U2LEARN for custom delivered FOODSAFE courses at your preferred location or date.


Take your skills to the next level!

FoodSafe Level 2 reviews and expands on the information presented in Food Safe Level 1, and teaches participants how to create a Food Safety Plan, a provincially legislated requirement for food facilities.

Contact us regarding future course dates.

Why Choose 4U2LEARN


Provides a unique perspective on food safety.


Over 25 years of experience and many stories to share.


Volunteer your experience or just sit back and learn.


Your course is completed quickly and in person.


Official Food Safe curriculum and certification.


You will recieve a certificate the day you do the course.

Food Safe Level 1 Curriculum

Curriculum Overview

Purpose:  FOODSAFE Level 1 is a food handling, safety and sanitation course designed to be taken by food service workers, cooks, servers, bussers, bartenders, dishwashers, deli workers, food truck and kiosk personnel, volunteers, and others in the food, health care, and hospitality industries.

Content: The course covers important food safety information including foodborne illness, food-safety plans, food handler hygiene and health, receiving and storing, preparing, serving, cleaning/sanitizing, pest control, and premises requirements.

Legal Requirement:  A valid level 1 FOODSAFE certificate or equivalent is a mandated requirement of specified food service personnel in the province of BC, as set out in the BC Food Premises Regulation.

1. Why do I need to take FOODSAFE Level 1?
  • The BC Public Health Act Food Premises Regulation requires that the operator of a food service establishment holds a valid FoodsSafe certificate or equivalent, and when the operator is absent that at least one employee present in the establishment holds a FoodSafe certificate or equivalent.
  • For Employment purposes, most food service facilities will require that other staff, and in many cases that all of their food service personnel are FoodSafe certified.
2. Why is FOODSAFTY important?
Among other relevant topics, the information presented in FOODSAFE LEVEL 1 provides important food safety concepts for you to know and understand. You will learn how to handle food safely in order to prevent food from becoming contaminated, preventing food-borne illness, and keeping your customers safe.
3. Is the FOODSAFE LEVEL 1 course difficult?
No, in fact more than 95% of participants will pass the exam on their first try. The exam, written at the end of class, consists of 50 multiple choice questions, is marked by the instructor immediately upon completion and you are given your mark. The pass mark is 70%.

Anyone getting between 60-68% will have one more chance to rewrite the exam, at no charge. The pass mark on the exam rewrite is 70%. Anyone getting less than 60% on the initial exam, or less than 70% on the exam rewrite will be required to retake the course.

4. When will I receive my FOODSAFE LEVEL 1 certificate?
After passing the exam you will be issued an instant temporary certificate by the instructor. This may be shown to employers as proof of having attended and successfully passed the course. The permanent certificate will be subsequently issued by the local HEALTH AUTHORITY, and will be mailed out to you by the course instructor in approximately 2-4 weeks time after having completed the course.
5. Is the FOODSAFE LEVEL 1 course participant workbook available in languages other than English?
Yes, the course workbook is available in other languages including bilingual versions of Korean, Chinese, and Punjabi. Please specify when registering for course should you require a workbook in a language other than English. There is a $10 additonal cost for non-english workbooks, please bring cash to class.

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